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High-Quality Products Matched With The Latest Techniques

Voxel Detailing offers a wide range of services. Each will get your car to a different level. Whether it’s a daily driver that needs to be cleaned or the business executive that wants his garage queen to look pristine.


Need a quick hand wash and wax? We start with a foam cannon to remove any light debris, then utilize the two bucket method to ensure no dirt gets back onto your paint. We will clay bar your vehicle to remove any contaminants embedded in your clear coat. Last we will finish with a wax sealant to add that extra layer of protection and shine to your paint.




(Great annual to Bi-annual detail)

Restore your vehicle back to factory condition with our interior & exterior detail package. We start with our hand wash package; then we apply a light polish to remove any light swirl marks; then a sealant that will protect your car from weather, chemicals & other items like bug guts.



(Best for those who gone a couple years without a professional detail)

Do you enjoy taking your car through the automatic car wash or is your car full of gummy candy and spilled expensive lattes? Then, our  Noble Detail Package is for you. We do everything in standard detail package but will have to apply a polish to get the deeper swirl marks out and we will restore your interior back to new.



Did you just buy a new car from the dealership? Remember to “Just say no” when they ask you if you want them to wash it. No one wants a teenager to wash their brand new car with the 1-year old sponge with who knows what in it. Our new car detail package will remove any light dust, sticky residue from the stickers, polish any light scuffs during transport & add a sealant to protect your paint.



“ The difference between good and great is the attention to detail. ”

Monthly Detail Regime Packages Available!


*Pricing Above is for Sedans. Add $25 for SUVs